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Our Company:

AgrisonTM  is 100% Australian family owned and operated company offering a wide range of products suited to cater for a range of industries. We offer an extensive range of: tractors, wheel loaders, diesel generators, mini excavators, forklifts, dozers, farming implements, portable cabins and service spare parts. AgrisonTM is well resourced to cater for hobby farmers, large acreage owners, lifestyle properties, construction, irrigation, civil works and the mining industry.

Since its humble beginnings, AgrisonTM has evolved into a nationally and internationally recognised brand, supplying value for money agricultural and construction machinery. As a second-generation company, Agrison is one of the longest standing companies within its class and aim to serve the industry for decades to come.

With a growing number of satisfied customers, AgrisonTM  has set the standard and become the industry leader for successfully supplying value for money products within the agricultural and construction sector.

Our passion for the industry and wealth of knowledge and experience has allowed us to continue supplying the most value for money products, direct to our customers, standing by our motto “Best quality and value without compromise”. Being an industry leader for over a decade has allowed us to invest a wealth of knowledge into research and development, to deliver exceptional products.

AgrisonTM has established a quality management system complying with the International Standard ISO9001:2008 and continues to successfully do so, on a yearly basis.

In 2012, in order to cater for the business growth, AgrisonTM  headquarters was relocated to a 2 hectare site on Hume Highway, Melbourne where it has since transformed into a one-stop shop, becoming one the largest closed off retail showroom in Australia.

Our products are delivered to our customers door Australia-wide even to remote areas such as Aurukun QLD, Mount Isa QLD, King Island TAS, Derby WA, Alice Springs NT. We also export our products internationally to countries such as: Indonesia, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Zealand, Thailand, Ghana and Kiribati.

Our Finance Department is qualified to offer professional financial advice for individuals and companies. Offering fast finance approval to approved customers, our Finance Department continues to offer competitive finance solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Spare Parts Department and After-Sales Service team consist of experienced and professional staff handling the huge variety on display, and our company takes great pride in our after sales services. With an established local and national service network, AgrisonTM customers are backed up after sales.

Make your next purchase from AgrisonTM to ensure you get the highest quality and best value for money.


Giving Back to the Community:

At Agrison, we believe that we have a social responsibility to give back and help our community as best we can. Over the years we have actively sponsored many; local sporting clubs, charity organisations (such as National Breast Cancer Foundation, Disability Sport and Recreation). We believe that working with our communities and our own people on the ground to make a difference is an essential part of being a responsible company and the right thing to do as a citizen.


Agrison 2098 Hume Highway Campbellfield Drone Aerial Photography Tractors Wheels Loaders and Factory

Agrison Australia joint venture with CHANGLIN DEUTZ-FAHR in Shandong, CHINA. High quality, state of the art manufacturing,  supplier of Agrison tractors in Australia.


Detuz Fahr - small

Photo: Founder Mr Allan Yokus at Shandong China.

Largest Undercover Showroom in Australia

Agrison 2098 Hume Highway Campbellfield Drone Aerial Photography Tractors Wheels Loaders and Factory
Agrison Tractors Comply with the Australian Standards
Agrison We deliver Australia wide
  • 100% Australian family owned and operated 
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Member of the Tractor & Machinery Association (TMA)
  • Industry Leader for over a decade
  • Exhibitor at Major Australian Field Days and Expos
  • Top 7 Highest Searched Tractor Brands Online
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Expert agricultural and machinery advice
  • Delivery to door, or nearest depot
  • 5 years Nationwide Warranty
  • Best quality and value for money
  • Exceptional after sales service
  • Quick turnaround time on ordering
  • Rapid finance approval
  • ROPS certified to International and Australian standard
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Parts catalogue manual
  • Trouble shooting advice over the phone
  • Spare parts with over 20,000 spare parts inventory
  • Stock on hold, ready for next-day dispatch
  • One of the Largest undercover showroom in Australia
  • Open 6 days: Monday to Saturday