135HP CDF Tractor

Agrison 135hp CDF Tractor
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135HP CDF Tractor



Introducing the largest in the Agrison CDF range, is the Agrison 135HP CDF Tractor equipped with Heavy Duty Front end loader and 4 in 1 bucket. Offering a large spacious luxurious cabin, with Air Conditioning, Media Player, levers all positioned well within arms reach. Manufactured in world renowned factory ensures that you will receive the best value for money with the 135HP CDF tractor, which is set to take the large horsepower market by storm.

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Type CDF 135HP
Drive Type 4×4 four-wheel drive
Engine Brand YTO
Engine Cylinder 6
Engine Type LR6M5-23
Engine Size (KW/HP) 99.2KW/135HP
Max. Torque (Nm @ engine rpm) ≥500/1500~1700
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 310L
Rating Power of Engine (KW/RPM) 99.2/2300
Fuel consumption @ nominal power (g/kw.h) ≤242
Air Intake Type Naturally Aspirated
Displacement (L) 6/7.70
Air Filter Type/Size Dry Air Filter, 10inch, 600m3/h
Torque Reserve ≥20%
Transmission system
Clutch type/size  One-piece,dry,double-action/13 inches
Number of Gears (F/R) 16 F+8 R
Shift method Mechanical sliding sleeve
Max speed 32.94km/h
Gear Position Side position
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic output flow rate  (L / MIN)
Hydraulic output flow rate  (L / MIN)
Hydraulic output valve 6 Rear Hydraulic Output with Quick Couplers: Three groups
Hydraulic filter types and capacity
Hydraulic filter types and capacity
Wire mesh/63μm
Working device
Three-point-linkage 2 Type
PTO Speed (r/min) 540/1000 Dual Speed
Lifting Capacity (610mm) kn 32
Tillage depth adjustment Position,float
Machine Size Dimensions (mm) 4800×2356×2900
Min Operation mass (kg) 5440
Wheel base (mm) 2582
Min Turning Radius (m) 5.5
Rated Traction Force (N) 34
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 480
Air Conditioned Cabin Yes
Front/Rear wheel tread 1784-2202(common 1940)/1620-2220(common1850)
Front/Rear Ballast Included
Tyre Brand Armour
Tyre size 14.9-26/18.4-38
Braking and Steering
Braking System Hydrostatic,dry type,disc brake
Steering type Hydraulic steering
Steering Angle (4 x4) Front axle Max.Steering angle 50°
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.





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