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“I found your sales and delivery team exceptional. The tractor is of high quality for my needs – will definitely buy again.”

Leo Woori Yallock - VIC

Good Morning Nick. Here is a shot of the generator control panel, this was the first of 4 units we purchased from you. As you can see over 9,400 hours and still in use. We find them great value for the hours of operation we have achieved from these units. Thanks.

Azzona drainage Agrison Generator Genset

Markus, Azzona Drainage Contractors - VIC

“Attention Peter, Please find enclosed photos of Aarons TX936 Loader, cleaning out a 10,000 yard dam. All going well. Thank you”


Aaron Stranks TX936 3

Vicki Stranks, Willows - QLD

Marcus gives Agrison the tick! “Marcus lives on a 100 acre property where he conducts everyday farming such as; plowing, rotary hoeing, mulching, removal of a weed called Gorse, land fill, tree removal and log splitting to name a few. Things were getting too tough by hand and very simple machinery, so Marcus realised he needed a 75 horsepower tractor with front end loader and various attachments to complete his farming tasks.
After much research, Marcus found that the top-named companies prices were over budget, where the investment level was approximately $1000 – $1,500 per Horsepower. Marcus needed a more cost-effective tractor package solution. The equivalent Agrison 75 horsepower was retailing for around one-third of the price, Marcus claim’s this “was a big plus”.
A few of his friends mentioned “Agrison” and Marcus came across some very good specials on tractors and implements. Marcus likes to do independent research prior to investing, which is exactly what he did with Agrison. Marcus’s research revealed some positive and some negative reviews, the latter made Marcus think that it is very good news, as the product is obviously establishing good market penetration.
Marcus set out on his own journey and made direct contact with Agrison and visited the Campbellfield location “which had a lot of stock consisting of a wide range of different models…”. In his experience “everyone appeared open friendly, and willing to answer even the simplest of questions, which made us feel very comfortable”.
Marcus recognizes that the Agrison “products are great, but of course they don’t come with that $80,000 price tag so you cannot expect an $80,000 quality in all areas”. He summarizes his experience as “If you really want a good robust tractor at a very fair price and are willing to do a little bit of home servicing and general maintenance yourself so too save several thousands of dollars, then this is the company for you”.
“Agrison is a great company with good hard working people..” says Marcus.”

Marcus tractor 75hp

Marcus - VIC

Please find attached photos of the Agrison TX930 wheel loader working in the yard. We use it to load a range of vehicles from 12T rigid trucks to small utes and box trailers. We use it seven days a week. The enclosed cab is also great because it helps keep out the dust.”

albion park garden supplies AGRISON


Simone, Albion Park Garden Supplies

“I would like to show my support for Agrison Tractors. I purchased a 60HP Enclosed Tractor 18 months ago, and I have been very pleased with its performance. Subsequently I purchased a second tractor, 35HP Agrison tractor for use here in Melbourne. I did have a problem with the alternator on the smaller tractor, which Agrison replaced without problems. I can only say that I have been very pleased with both machines.”

Bob, Narre Warren - VIC

“A quick note to thank Agrison for the prompt delivery of our new tractor and to thank Bobby for his professional and friendly manner unloading the tractor. Cheers”

Dave Kirkham, Wirrabara - SA

To Whom it May Concern.
On Monday we purchased a AG60HP with Peter being our sales person. Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Peter. It was wonderful to have someone take the time to go through the options with us and explain the differences between the models, and  was also very tolerant and compassionate towards our 4yo. And the toy tractor was an absolute hit, so thank you to the whole Agrison team.

Chenoa Oxley

“Love your products. Just showing off your backhoe on my fergie great gear I purchased this from a guy that has bought a lot of your gear and will be using this as I’m staring a small contracting company it is great thank you! A friend of mine has your loaders dozer and a few other bits of great gear!”

Wade Adam (Facebook review 5.7.17)

Wade Adam

“Since buying our Generator from Agrison I/we have recommended your Company to many others. As you know, our Generator is mainly for backup with power failures and just recently our business lost power for 14 hours following a violent storm and, thanks to your/our Generator we were able to continue trading plus no loss of stock from freezers or coldrooms. It was an excellent decision from our side to make this purchase from you. Thank you.”

Wayne QLD

“It is obvious to the serious purchaser that Agrison is committed to providing value for money product in the niche market it is servicing.”

Marianne - TAS

“I spoke with David who is a very helpful salesman who was not pushy about trying to sell a tractor. I will buy again. Go Dave!Brilliant Machine

Joe, Moe - VIC

“… I am very happy with my 45hp G3 Agrison tractor. One of my neighbours is the owner of a new name-brand tractor who now wishes that he had bought an Agrison, because he sees that my Agrison is much stronger and the hydraulics are of better quality. Another neighbour has a name-brand tractor and he is the one who recommended I buy the G3 and I thank him for it! And yet another friend close by has a name-brand tractor and he also admires the solid build of my tractor and he envies my hydraulics which can keep the bucket up for weeks if not ever! Also the mirrors provide wide angle vision which my neighbours envy. The roof is also one feature that my friends do not have…”

Hubert and wife

Hubert, Montrose - VIC

“The best thing about the 50HP is its no frills solid build. I prefer the mechanical levers and controls to vulnerable electric servos. The air-con is a definite bonus and it’s a pleasure to slash paddocks. The four in one bucket gets plenty of use and makes easy work of lifting logs and moving soil. It’s not heavy on fuel and has plenty of power. And I could buy three of these tractors for the price of an American tractor.”

Ray, Taylors Beach - NSW

“Hi Isobel, I received our final invoice package and my husband was thrilled with our Agrison tee shirt… Also attached is a photo of my husband and our 9 year old grand daughter sitting on our beautiful Agrison tractor. In a few years she will learn to drive it and we will be able to just sit back and watch her. Thank you for all your help.”

jennifer thompson photo 2016

Jennifer Thompson, Wards River - NSW

“My Agrison Tractor 2011 model 50 hp turbo, has been a good investment. It always starts first time even after long periods in the shed. It is dependable and handles large round hay bales easily. It’s versatility for a small farm is great and you can tackle any job with confidence. Air-con and numerous options for implements make it a great choice for a first tractor.  Kind regards to the team. I like the look of the new 60 hp version. Some nice touches.”

Ian Burleigh - TAS

“My sincere thanks for the recent service of my tractor.  Both Allan and Ray were very professional in their dealings with me and I’m frankly overwhelmed at the positive difference in the tractor after the service.  The mechanics who worked on the service have done a fantastic effort. I’d also like to mention Monica the lady who normally answers your phone.  She is clearly a very loyal and committed employee who was always very helpful to me when I phoned. A very positive experience.  My only regret is that Agrison don’t have an office and service centre closer to Yass.  Even Bob the truck driver who picked up the tractor and delivered it back was a pleasure to deal with. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all your staff I dealt with.”

Robert, Yass - NSW

“Hi Peter
I spoke to Ray earlier today and was delighted to hear that our portable cabin is complete. And I understand we’re expecting delivery next Friday. Am impressed with your company’s speed. I think we’ll be buying more from you.”

Paul Wallis

“With a 5 years parts warranty, and back up service second to none, what more could you ask for”.




David McBride, Geelong - VIC

Mr Pace has 84 acres and is very pleased with his tractor and happy with the service he has received from Agrison since 2011.


Joe pace 2016

Joe Pace - VIC

“Purchased my Agrison G45 December 2012 and have now have done 500 hours work on my property. Property is 80 acres river flats and 40 acres of hill country. The 4wd is great on the hills especially when wet. Main work carried out is slashing,spreading and weed spraying. The 4 in 1 bucket is constanly used to lift,carry,road grading and pushing up lantana for burning. Have found the G45 very reliable and great medium size tractor for all my needs.Very good value for money. A old neighbour told me remember son it is not a bulldozer so treat it right and it will look after you.The best advise I have had as I always remember it when working with the tractor and have had no major problems so far. Staff at Agrison have also been very helpfull in assisting me whenever needed.”

trevor nsw 45hp

Trevor, Girralong - NSW

“Photos of TX926 Wheel Loader working. We Love it!”

Albion park 2 AGRISON

Bendigo Pre Cast Concrete

Scott Harris, Bendigo Pre Cast Concrete - VIC

“I thought I would contact you people at Agrison to let you and hopefully tell you and other potential users of your equipment what my experience with your company and equipment has been:

  1. We purchased this 65kva generator and it was delivered on time.
  2. An electrician from Agrison had to come on our site to wire up some extra external power plugs and this was done professionally.
  3. We installed and commissioned this generator for our Computer Data Farm.
  4. The installation and testing went without any issues.
  5. It’s now more than 6 months since this was installed and commissioned.
  6. This generator gets test fired every week as part of our routine automatic and manual maintenance procedures.
  7. To date we have not had ANY failures.
  8. The generator is a three phase generator and puts out a very clean steady power output on all three phases regardless of load.
  9. The diesel engine, Generator and Automatic switching gear have all worked flawlessly 100% on the time.

I am definitely very happy to recommend Agrison Generators especially for companies seeking to run and manage power critical computer room data farm installations.”

Michael Fernandez, CEO

“Works most days in the vineyard spraying and grass slashing. Also loads semi loads of gravel from a pit on the property twice a week . The engineering on the four in one bucket meet all the standards of the challenge loader. Look at them on the web and their price and you will see the value in the product you are marketing.”


Colin Walker


Colin Walker, Orange - NSW

“After much research I decided to purchase an Agrison 60hpw 4×4 tractor approximately 12 months ago and I am extremely happy with my decision.  Before purchase I contacted the Agrison staff and they were very helpful and professional in answering all of my questions and belaying any concerns I might have had.  Ordering and delivery (to quite a remote area) was done in a very timely manner with no problems whatsoever. Since owning the tractor I have used it to move and stack haybales, spread fertilizer and lime, sowing crops, loading and moving huge amounts of firewood, quite a lot of bucket work levelling ground and spreading gravel and I’ve even used it to put my quad on the back of the ute! As with all machinery you expect small mechanical problems over time but I have been pleasantly surprised that with this tractor the repairs have been minimal and when I contacted the staff regarding these small problems they took the time to give me professional help and assistance and if parts were needed they did not hesitate to send me replacement parts  immediately.  I would definitely purchase another Agrison product and would not hesitate in recommending not only the machinery but also the helpful staff to anyone who was looking at buying a tractor in this price range.”

Ted Betts, Binda - NSW

“So happy with the purchase of my 80hp CDF tractor its the best. The machine exceeds all of my expectations in performance and reliability and so comfortable and easy to drive, and of course has made such a difference to the pasture the cows love me!!”

Richard Bryson (Facebook Review 04.05.2017)

Agrison thanks its customer